This morning I took my two oldest daughters to school. Since their classrooms are on opposite sides of the building, I usually let my oldest daughter walk to class on her own. I always walk my younger daughter to class, even though she may not always feel like she needs me to do so.

Lately, something has changed. I notice that as we walk through the school building, she instinctively reaches for my hand. That’s just fine with me. I pull her along behind me while I wade through the morass of children running to and fro. When it comes to walking down an elementary school hallway, I am a human plow. Since I am about three feet taller and outweigh any of them by nearly 200 pounds, they instinctively go around me. There are a few who bump into me by accident. But none of them are going to move me.

This morning I thought, “This must be what God feels like.” Then I looked at my daughter and thought, “I wonder how many Christians feel like her?” When the hallway is crowded with children racing at breakneck speeds all around, she immediately reaches for my hand. How many of us do the same when chaos and pandemonium surround us? We are funny creatures, always wanting to do things our way without stopping to think that there just might be a source of aid within our grasp. All we have to do is reach.