The last week has been an active one for the press. After the re-election of President Obama, those who disagree with his policies expressed publicly their worries about the future. Gun sales are on the rise, and weapons manufacturers are some of the only companies whose stocks are doing well. A great deal has been said about the “fiscal cliff,” a looming financial crisis that could threaten to submerge the US even deeper in the current recession. Almost as much has been said about the majority of states that have filed petitions indicating the desire for some to secede from the Union.

As with all difficult times in our nation’s history, there are a number of different responses on the current state of things. A few are oblivious to what is going on around them. They have strong opinions and very few reasons for holding them. Some are trying to shape the course of events so that they will benefit most. They wield real power, and are wealthy enough that very little–short of an apocalypse–will challenge their standard of living. Others are worried about the situation in which they find themselves and don’t know how to respond. They fret about things they feel are out of their control. All of them are equally problematic.

We have to realize that it is the nation that honors God that will be blessed (Ps. 33:12). It is in this kind of nation that the eyes of its citizens are focused on the Lord (v. 18). Our task is to put our hope in him and do our part to be a positive influence in our society. It is at times like these that we must realize that our source of security is not to be found in our finances, the government, or our armed forces. It can only be found in God.