ID-10071540I was interviewed yesterday by Dale and Jeff Jenkins for iPreach podcast. In the interview I recommended some online resources. The minister of today has a wealth of tools available. While it is always important to have a good library, resources on the Internet are just as important, and perhaps more accessible. Here are some of the following websites that I like.

General Study
Gospel Advocate is one of the oldest journals in print in the United States, and the oldest journal in the churches of Christ. They occasionally put articles online at their website. Their blog includes some of the articles published in the magazine as well as bulletin articles from various ministers.

Ligonier Ministries was founded by Presbyterian theologian R.C. Sproul, Ligonier has a strong interest in apologetics. Some of the resources available are for purchase, but the do have quite a few articles online free of charge. They also have a number of conferences available for viewing online.

iTunes U is a great resource for university curricula dealing with a variety of topics, including history, religion, archaeology, and other things connected to the Bible. One of my alma maters (Reformed Theological Seminary) even put their entire M.A. curriculum in iTunes U. A number of schools have followed suit and put entire lectureships on iTunes free of charge. These include  Freed-Hardeman and Harding University.

Apologetics Press has a wealth of articles on all kinds of apologetics topics. The guys at AP put out good resources and are popular speakers. In the interest of full disclosure, I do write for AP (No, I don’t get a commission if you click on this link to visit the website. It wouldn’t hurt, though).

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is devoted to “helping the thinker believe and the believer think.” Ravi Zacharias’ work has a pronounced philosophical bend to it. He has also put together a number of apologists in various countries who contribute. Their material is excellent.

Answers in Genesis is geared toward addressing scientific issues, especially as they impact our understanding of the book of Genesis and the origins debate.

Anchor Digital Publications is a digital publisher specializing in interactive e-books. But they also provide Anchor Digital Magazine, a (roughly) bi-monthly e-magazine, free of charge. It is packed with great articles for adults and kids alike. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Patrick Hammack is the creative genius behind ADP.

The Light Network has about a dozen podcasts on a range of topics. Robert Hatfield and Chris Clevenger have been the driving force behind the network, and they are incredibly talented. Do check out some of their podcasts – you won’t be disappointed.

In Search of the Lord’s Way is an international ministry. Their website has some articles but the real value is two year’s worth of sermons by Phil Sanders.

The Gospel Broadcasting Network has a number of speakers in its line-up. Many of the programs may be viewed online.

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