BibleLandPassagesLooking for free, high-quality Bible studies featuring photos and video shot on location in the lands of the Bible? Look no further.

This past March I had the privilege of traveling to Israel to film a number of segments for a video series entitled “Bible Land Passages.” It will consist of 30+ episodes covering different sites mentioned in the Bible and the events that took place there. These programs will be filled with solid biblical teaching and feature photos and footage shot on location that will not merely bring the Bible to life; they will bring viewers to the lands of the Bible.

Please check out this exciting new resource available from World Video Bible School. You can see the first three videos, as well as some behind-the-scenes photos. The available episodes are: Jerusalem: An Unforgettable City, the Ministry of Jesus in Northern Israel, and Dan: City of Unfaithfulness. I know you will be encouraged and enlightened.