ID-100109915The transgender debate is nothing if not tumultuous. Target recently stated that anyone identifying as a transgender individual was welcome to use whatever restroom he or she wished. This immediately sparked outrage from parents of young children, especially mothers with young daughters. Statistics indicate that their fears are well founded. Most sexual predators are male, and 82% of juvenile victims are female (on the other hand, 28% of men who have experienced rape were 10 years old or younger when first victimized).

The transgender discussion is far more complex than its typical billing as a struggle between love and hate. There are some individuals who may be genuinely confused, which I fully accept. As a student of psychology with family members who suffer from a range of mood disorders, I understand that the human mind is an incredibly complex machine – and sometimes that machine has glitches and malfunctions. But I also know that behaviors are not merely programmed; they can be learned and cultivated.

When I see some of the stories of transgender individuals, I am struck by their obvious self-centeredness. TheTransgenderProject.com website features the story of a 52-year-old man who transitioned to being a 6-year-old girl (the story may also be found at DailyMail.com). Toronto resident Stephonknee Wolscht (pronounced like “Stephanie”) cheerfully tells the story of his “fresh start” in life. Leaving behind a wife and seven children, he received both positive and negative responses to his decision. He highlights some of the positive experiences, such as his acceptance by a goatee-wearing, Harley-riding biker who wanted to wear one of his dresses and kiss him, and of adoptive parents who lovingly supported his choices and allowed him to play with their adolescent grandchildren. He included a sprinkling of other details, such as his occupation as a snow plow driver.

We have become a very selfish society. Part of this is due to the influence of postmodernism. It is inherently self-centered, believing that what a person believes shapes reality not only for that person, but for anyone else perceiving or interacting with the person. This is especially true for transgenderism, in which a person’s feelings dictate reality. For example:  “Although I am a man by birth, I feel like a woman, so I should be permitted to use women’s restrooms. You are the hateful one if you don’t accept that.” In other words, “My choices and beliefs immediately take precedence over yours for no defensible reason other than personal preference.” Keeping that in mind, I’d like to consider the following points:

  • What about the “fresh start” for Stephonknee’s wife and children? His departure represented the loss of a father. He left behind a huge void. Stephonknee may feel liberated, but his personal satisfaction has come only because he has reneged on his marital promise and abandoned his wife and kids.
  • If he identifies as a six-year-old girl, then his story about having a biker wanting to kiss him should be reported to the authorities. The biker should be arrested for child molestation.
  • His adoptive father should be picked up by the authorities for questioning. Stephonknee reported to one journalist that his adoptive father performed a homosexual act on him. Shouldn’t the father be arrested for child molestation also?
  • As a self-identified minor, he should immediately surrender his driver’s license. Only individuals 16 years of age are allowed to have one by law.
  • Stephonknee should quit his job, as his employment is a violation of child labor laws.
  • He should also close any checking or savings accounts he may have, as children can’t be the primary account holder for those, either.
  • His adoptive parents should be investigated immediately by Child Protective Services. Are they sending Stephonknee to kindergarten? Why are they allowing adults to kiss him? And why are they allowing him to work? Why do they let him drive a car and drink coffee?

These questions are absurd, of course. But they are absurd only because we all instinctively realize that grown men can’t magically turn into little girls. We understand that he is an adult male, and this child persona is simply his creation. It is a fantasy, a flight from reality for selfish reasons. I believe this is clear when he says, “I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children, but I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child. I don’t want to be an adult right now.”

This sad story has at least nine victims. One abandoned wife, seven fatherless children, and a very confused man who has been duped by the greatest deceiver of all.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net