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Who is Like the LordWhat is God like? It’s difficult enough trying to understand another human being, much less a divine God. Thankfully, we aren’t left in the dark or with meager tidbits of information. I try to bring some of this out in my book Who is Like the Lord? Exploring the Attributes of God.

This book began about ten years ago when I taught a class on the attributes of God for the Nashville School of Preaching. It was the most popular class I ever taught at the school, and I am humbled by that. It should, perhaps, be only fitting that my most popular class should focus on God himself.

Although no library could contain everything we would ever want to know about God. Scripture does allow us to understand him well enough, but not thoroughly that he ceases to amaze and surprise us. God’s immensity overwhelms us. We marvel at his patience. We stand in awe at his power. We celebrate his mercy, patience, and generosity. We are humbled by his wrath. We are both disturbed and comforted by his justice. No Christian could ever be bored with God.

Unlike ancient conceptions of pagan gods, the God of Israel wanted his people to know him. He also wanted to have a relationship with them. In fact, the Bible could be seen as something of an autobiography. God directed his authors to write about him, which they did as they were moved by the Holy Spirit (2 Pet. 1:21).

I hope you’ll check out this book, available at Amazon.com and the Start2Finish website. You can download the introduction and first chapter here. I am indebted to a number of people for its production, and I pray it is a blessing to you.