In addition to being a devoted husband and father, I am a Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages at the Southwest School of Bible Studies, a staff writer for Apologetics Press, an associate for the Associates for Biblical Research, and a guest author for the Apologia Institute.  I have taught undergraduate courses for Amridge University and Faulkner University as an adjunct professor in the Bible department.

You can see my work elsewhere in Gospel Advocate, Anchor Digital Magazine, Reason and Revelation, Sufficient Evidence, and Bible and Spade. I have published three books: 12 Compelling Truths: Why Biblical Faith is Completely Reasonable; Rediscovering Jesus: Finding God’s Son Among Counterfeit Christs; and Who is Like the Lord? Exploring the Attributes of God.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. zadabada said:

    Could you please share the chapter titles from your book 12 Compelling Truths? Thank you!

  2. Wes Ackerman said:

    Would you please comment on “Patterns of Evidence, the Exodus”.

    • Hi Wes, I’m not a fan of “Patterns of Evidence.” It plays fast and loose with archaeology and history. It mostly derives from the work of one guy who waves his hands and makes three centuries of Egyptian history vanish. Basically, no scholar anywhere supports this theory, and it actually makes the job of Christians more difficult. The fellow who produced the documentary seems to have genuinely attempted to defend the Bible, but a bad defense does no good no matter how good the intentions. One of my professors was interviewed for the documentary and warned the producer about how flimsy the basic thesis is, and he went ahead with it anyway. I’m considering writing a review for Apologetics Press.

  3. Please do. Thanks for the info.

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